The battlefield of you.

My heart, is a battlefield, scarred, torn with wounds left in the wake of your broken promises.

A minefield of unexploded ordnance, my dreams of what was going to be.

The battle rages on, guilt, blame, excuse.
Flank hope, and counter every doubt.

Hopelessly and mindlessly I push forward, the tears of logic intercept each step.

I move forward, believing it to not be true, wishing for a victorious reunion that lasts, in more than my mind.

The aftermath of you, lays behind me, shattered windows and broken fences, collapsed opportunities.

My heart burns, rain falls from my eyes.

The day is dark and dreary, I wait for sunshine, on a battle torn world where the darkness off the new moon is eternal, where its waxing slivers of hope, rage against its grey surface, hinting that sunshine may be around the corner.

Press on..

Because Heart over logic,

Battles over peace.

Hopeless efforts forgotten. Words and battles lost. Hope fades.. Dreams never seem to fail to inspire one attempt, one more effort, and then another. and then… and then…