Letting you go IS loving you.

I feel guilty…

       I feel like I am being a bad person, by just walking away. I feel like I am some how lying to you about caring about you.

I feel frustrated you won’t plan getting your things…
I feel like this is a control on your part, where you are unsure too. But  it’s just your stuff. I am not going to throw it away. And having your stuff, is not a reason to reconnect. Likewise.. if someday you choose to reconnect, You won’t need to contact me about your stuff, you don’t need an excuse left behind. I will always be willing to be friends, with out obligation without stuff.

I feel like I did not fight hard enough..
(this is guilt from letting Kenna walk away and never saying anything to her, years later she told me I should have fought for her)

I feel like I am unsure if you know I will be here if you ever want to reconnect..

I want to let you go, and when or if you ever come back, I want it to be, because you wanted to, not because I have your stuff, or because there is some obligation.

I care enough about you to let you go, I care about you enough to know, if you ever want to come back and be friends, that I am available to do that.

I want you to know that.