Reflecting on Matchbox 20

“Do you miss Matchbox 20?”

My reply:
If your gone“, I would wait until “3 am” to answer that, its been a “long day” and i’m “overjoyed” “time after time” this “disease” called love will be my “downfall” and has left me “feeling unwell“, but look at “how far we’ve come” its a “mad season” and I spend every day in the “real world” looking for “a girl like that” the “last beautiful girl“. “All i need” is “our song” because of “all your reasonsif you’re gone” it will “push” me “back 2 good” before i get “bent” on “these hard times. ” “Ill believe you when” you find me “sleeping at the wheel” it only happened because I was living on a “crutch” that left me “so sad, so lonely