5 Keys To Identifying Your SoulMate

So, I am not really into “preaching” or “god” but this was actually really great!
Everything about this was great!
THIS is worth watching!

  1. Chemistry – I LOVE how he defined “Chemistry”
  2. Connection
  3. Wholeness – Being whole VS codependency!  I thought this element was huge! “A soulmate does not fill a void” “if you feel empty without them there’s a problem!” ” I was whole enough to say, god I’m cool by myself”
  4. Divine Confirmation – I truly believe in this, thought I personally look at God differently, but I do wholly believe the universe should be speaking to you about this relationship.   Your spiritual life, and your love life are all as one.
  5. Sense of purpose – Gotta know who YOU are, how are you going to give yourself to someone for the rest of your life, if you do not know who you are.  Do you know why you are here?

“If it’s a soulmate, you can let it go!” That was a moving part of the story.

“One of the most inspiring and revelatory teachings you will ever hear on the subject of relationships. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or other – this message will open your eyes, make sense out of your past and prepare your for the relationship that you could only dream of.”