Words of growth, on NEEDING someone else to be happy.

Now that you are behind me, I can see just how far forward I am headed.


Man, I have been thinking about your post all day. Brother!, you are a really nice person, every time I have met you. You have a great presence to you.

I would love if you would consider listening to 2 things.

1. We do not need ANYONE.. I used to feel like you man, I felt incomplete without someone in my life to be my other half. The truth is, that the right person for you, compliments the already whole you.
You become a team, and maximize your equal potential because you already have mastered your individual selves. Now the next adventure is mastering the togetherness of each other’s individual selves.

2. People (women and men) are not generally attracted to people who present themselves as overly needy or unable to function without someone to give them direction. There is a very clear reason for this.. Imagine for a moment your partner, who you decided to have a life long relationship with gets ill or breaks a leg or has to travel abroad. They want to know their partner is completely self-sufficient and CAN live, and live well without them.

Someday, one of us is going to die, and leave the other one to live. I want my partner to be able to live a whole and vital life with out me. Taking on the lessons we have learned together into whatever that next step is for them. I DO NOT want my partner to be incapable of surviving or being happy without me.

Partnership is about making each other the best team possible, not about making one person capable of being part of the team.
This is part of the getting picked last mentality. Your picked last, because you are seen as the least capable of getting the job done.

Don’t be picked last, put yourself first! And then at the right moment, when your soul mate shows up, she will be sure to pick you to be second on her team.

I hope my words do not fall as judgemental or harsh.. I have been doing a lot of self work and discovery the last few weeks that has really brought out some things for me.

I share my words with you, in hopes to encourage your healing and progress as a wonderful person.

Much love brother!