Still can’t sleep but at least your not on my mind much anymore.

Mostly trying to understand your lies.

Accepting that your words and touch are bullshit has been a lot easier than accepting that I will never know why.

Why You hurt me, you hurt my family, you hurt my friend, who was your friend, you haven’t messaged her in months and why?

Because you’re on some mighty high horse? and for what?
I wish I knew.
You are no one’s friend, I don’t think you’re capable of it.

I think I understand more and more every day why Matt moved on and was happy with Heather.

How you pine over him and he won’t take you back.
He could have had everything I wanted, it seemed like you loved him and missed him so much, it’s bullshit he made you a side piece.

But now I wonder if it was not revenge for you making him a side piece.

I wonder if that’s really what happened, he woke up one day and kicked your ass to the curb and moved on.

Just like I will.

Reflection is an interesting thing.

It does bring some peace, if you can find solace in the questions.
Unanswered questions, that leave me sad, angry, lost, frustrated and trying to assume what could be wrong.. This whole post is a what could be wrong post..

You don’t give me clarity, how could I know otherwise what my imagination might devise.