In the moment reflections Today’s Anti Hate Rally in Portland Oregon

Brewing, the air is thickened with the reality of our discontent.

With every passing moment, with every shining, strobing blue and red light earns favor of impending judgement.

Black and white versus red white and blue; where is the America that we believed existed? What has become of this nation, that is now a Great Divide?

Together we stand; but we stand divided.

In the distance the voices are raised, a slow and meaningful drone of conversation, the occasional “fuck you” is tossed out, screams of violence passion-protest, moments of interlude.
As screams ring out, the brevity of this moment is passed only by interactive moments of action.
Both sides rallying, crying, screaming for a change, to what they believe is their True Justice.

The true decision, the true reality, for what our future should breed.

Yet no one can agree, we seem to be unable to find Common Ground, a consistent and ever-present impasse.

Where will our nation land?

The once great free land, we now question. Was it ever really?

In fact Freedom itself, is called into question, in a nation that was built upon slavery and Conquest.
The nation that was not built at all; but in-fat stolen from other ancient nations.

As I sit here in this park staring at thousands of people sharing their passionate opinions, sharing their passionate points of view.

I sit here wondering to myself; Will things ever change?
The endless divide, that seems to grow even wider between us; will it eventually lead to a separation?

To you on your side of the room and me on my side of the room.

Should there be answers or will they just always be conflict?
Will there just always be a change that is never quite changed?

It is our freedom of expression, that we utilize to show our discontent, with vocal cords now breathing tightly, suffocated and dampening with chemical reactions issued by what the crowds now call the fascist police state.

Undeterred,  the opinions chanting loudly.
The thought so ever strongly; that we imagined ourselves United as a nation, but divided in opinion.

As chance ran out; chants ring out.

And we grow ever closer to an impending confrontation.

Here on the western edge of our nation.