Why Most Narcissists Devalue And Discard Their Partners – Free From Toxic

If you’ve been discarded, it’s a tribute to your strength

You started seeing through the charade of the narcissist. You began challenging the narcissist on their lies, and hypocrisy. You saw their mask slip and caught a glimpse of the evil, phony person that they have been hiding from you. At that point, you were no longer a good source of supply.

Your glimpse of the truth of what had been hiding behind the mask, invalidated the deluded image, the narcissist held of himself. His cover has been blown, and to survive he needed to discard you, so he didn’t have to acknowledge the reality of his real, flawed self. To acknowledge the truth of his real self would shatter him into pieces, from which he probably could never recover.

Unfortunately, understanding the motivation, and the timing behind your dismissal does not lessen the torment of the feelings of pain, heartache, and betrayal. You’ve been lied to, toyed with, and manipulated. Your love has been exploited and used as a weapon against you. Healing from this abuse takes time and tenacity.

When I said that you can never win a battle against a narcissist, I meant that you can never win if you play their game. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose. On the contrary, now that the relationship is over, you are no longer their unwitting opponent in their twisted “love” game. You’re sincere, genuine, and you believe that love is not a game where there must always be a winner and a loser. Let the narcissist play the “You’re Always Going To End Up The Loser Game” with someone else.

You may still feel that the narcissist has won, and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. The more time and distance you have away from the narcissist, the more you’ll realize how mentally, and emotionally trapped you actually were.

You’re FREE now. So, let go of what you know in your mind is not good for you. That way you will be available to receive what you truly want and deserve.

Source: Why Most Narcissists Devalue And Discard Their Partners – Free From Toxic