At the hospital 

I ​wish I could count on you.
Fuck I miss that.

But ironically, one call, and I would be wherever you are at a moment’s notice.
No matter the distance no matter the reason.
Because that was my promise and I made it with my heart.
And Support it with my mind.

Even more ridiculous, if anything ever happens to me, people know to tell you how much I loved you and how thankful I am for the impact you made in my life.
But right now, I need someone to watch the kids, so I can be at the hospital.

I really wish you would have just looked at the fucking email address, it came from the ourtwistedgame email, it was not a new special email, I changed the name to match my pen name, and that had NOTHING to do with you. But hey, your freak out.

I just hate not being able to correct the error.