Another vacation in “paradise”.

Another vacation in “paradise” she thought to herself. I hate this place, I want to be home, “I want to be playing skyrim” she said aloud. As he walked out the door, Sir turned to her and asked her to give it a shot, that “it has been over a year since we really went anywhere.” She begrudgingly agreed, and decided to leave the hotel room to investigate the hotel, perhaps she could find a gaming bar she could escape to, it was Jeju after all, THE vacation destination of South Korea.
As she stepped into the elevator she could not help but wonder what was ahead. Ground floor, stepping into the luxurious hotel. It seemed beautiful, yet sterile.

Sir and Kitten View of Ocean. The view of the ocean was incredible. A beautiful young man was at the bar, for only a moment her mind wandered, captured by the idea of taking him back up, and lashing him to the bed for Sir to find when he came back.
Sir would not return from his conference for a few hours, plenty of time to explore. Just outside the hotel, on the side street alley of Tapdong-ro was a street market. She loved street markets, the smell of food, the indulgence of a culture not her own, this is what she was going to do with her time.

As she browsed the market, her mind wandered, she missed Sir.
It was a shame he had to work; she loved sharing these things with him, of course she would never tell him that she loved sharing it like that, saying things like that, well, too much expression. Just by doing, she knew, that he knew her heart.
Then in the moment her focus was brought back to her place in the world, her arm brushed a rough, coarse surface, its very touch seemed to pull to at her skin, a scrape, but not quite.

Korean MarketShe looked down and saw her arm had brushed a large dry shark fin. With a audible gasp, she was immediacy incised, “how dare they. Don’t they know the impact this has…” She thought to herself.
Still, her mind wandered to her abrasion. She touched the leathery fin, it was rough, but sharp. Hard, but flexible.. Next to it stood a tin holding bamboo cane. What if? What if, she combined the two, a gift for Sir, to commemorate her visit. She had needle and twine in the hotel room. She smelt the fin, it was not too strong, not lasting, it did not stay on her flesh as did the marks left behind by it.
Yes. This was the reason she was drawn to this moment in time, she bought both.. 1500 won and she was on her way, back to the hotel room.

Already dripping she thoughtfully constructed the new paddle for him. She would be ready when he come home from work, as he walked in the hotel room she would present to him ready and laying on her back, torso bent over the bed.
With a story of how she could not help but stare at a beautiful man at the bar, she forgot to ask him if could she revel in the idea of taking the stranger, and in not asking, not texting.
She knew she would be reminded of their agreement.