Discovering Kitten

I wrote this in another group, as a reply to someone’s questions about BDSM and trust. I RE read it today.

I am at the point of looking into the past and recognizing its beauty, instead of feeling the pain of change.

This was truly a deep romantic moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

One worth sharing with the right people.

I was responding to the following question. “It is my understanding in BDSM culture that D-S relationships are especially very well-cultured and take a long time to develop the trust, respect and care within.”

My reply.

I do not find this to be accurate based upon my experience. There are situations where chemistry incites trust at a faster pace than one would expect.

BDSM Sexy lip bitingKitten and I fell into a intense role dynamic the first evening things got intimate. Her rebellion was a stated request for guidance though action, every with every moment she bit my lip and i told her not to I held her closer, her hand a bit tighter.

With every nip of her teeth, the tug on her hair just a little harder stating “no, not until I say” another bite, another tug, than the last, until we reached “Yes Sir. And then I gave permission,
And we started over again.

It was probably one of the most romantic, fulfilling moments of my entire life.

We did not make love that evening, we held each-other though the morning. For us the trust was established in those moments. Early in our relationship our intimate agreements were forged.

In those moments, I became Sir, I became her Moriarty