Thankful for the value of friendship.

Goodmorning happy people! I have not done thanks for 2 days, and you know what, that is okay. Because my thankful posts have been about reminding myself, that even when things are down, they are really up.
My thankfulness is surrounded by my friends. Lifelong friends though more distant than I would like at times, people like MichaelEfremJerryJamesTyrellKristaKariJessieRebeccaSeanDavidPriscillaJustinJon , TriciaJason, and so on, people that have somehow been in m life for so many years continue to have influence and make a difference these connections from elementary, middle school and high school. People I met during the great middle part of my young life, that early 20’s period, @Ricardo who has once again turned off his Facebook! HartElana,MeaganJimDonnieJackieReganSkyeKatyMarcShannon, Stacy Rliey, AngelNoelFrank.

In the greatness of friendship, I find myself defined not by the judgment of these wonderful people near and far, but by my reflection and collected moments and memories that we all have shared. I know I am truly a social person, even in my introverted times. I have my whole life, been the host when I can.
Our lives, our very, legacy is in truth, the memories we leave with others, and the additions both in experiences and in words, we have given to them, to their lives, to their minds. We cannot keep a connection with everyone, in fact without social media, so many of you would be lost today. Lost to me. We are often separated by hundreds and in many cases thousands of miles.

I realized today that I continue to utilize friendships, and the quality of those friendships as a cornerstone of who I am, who I see myself as and how I define my stability both emotional and on a spiritual level by how healthy and active my relationships and friendships are.

A couple of years ago, I stepped back from all existing friendships that were developed over a 10 year period. And in a devastatingly difficult decision felt it was best to walk away from them all, to not carry, any toxicity from the last 10 years, forward with me into a new part of my life.

A little over a year ago, I joined PMSO, and discovered, once again, friends, a reliable social network, new connections, new opportunities to trust, and new situations where I would be let down, and where I might let myself down.
But the growing started, and then did not stop, today, I have more than a handful of trustworthy, friends whom I come to for advice, to give advice, to share heartbreak and new elated bliss with.
I do not know where I would be today without out the friends I have made, both from PMSO and Social media in general. I guess I will try and tag everyone but if I miss you, I love you and appreciate you anyway. I look forward to all our adventures, great and small.
Friendship is the fabric of my life, it supports my heart, it makes me a better father, it makes me a more compassionate human being. And for that, I have all of you to thank. RochelleSarahlynnAmberBrendaAliKestleyMonicaTiffanyMistyMelannieJasonVernBenjaminEricaTerenceChristiKris and Abagail (you guys are pretty new to my sphere but pretty awesome. )

To all those who are not tagged, you do not have any less value in my life, and there is in no way a lack of intent or love for you, just relax. 

Everyone, who has come into my life, both in the beginning of it, and today has had a lasting influence on me, and I hope that we all take away from a post like this, a reminder, that we all have a lasting influence on the people in our lives, that not only does that influence defines us as ourselves, but also defines the people who are in our lives. Butterfly effect or not, I am thankful for you all, every single day. You all contribute to me being a better person. 

For that reality, I am more and more thankful every day.