To the monsters who hide behind Sarahah

Anonymity does not give you power!
Anonymity does place you in a position of power.
Anonymity does not give you a right to be a dick.
Anonymity does not give you a bigger dick.
Anonymity does not give you a dick.
Anonymity doe does not give you the ability, to tell the truth, because when YOUR truth falls from your mouth (or your fingers) it hides behind your guilt.
You assholes that are hiding behind the Sarahah app.
Wow. If I was not grossed out by so many people I have encountered already, you folks, are the bottom of the barrel.
No, I am not talking about me, not talking about things said to me, frankly, I have gotten nothing but kind positive things, which I am sure is about to change.
The things I have seen posted by other people are frankly downright disgusting. The things that have been said to them
You are the covert narcissist, you are the waiting Jekyll and Hyde psychopath that all of these women and men are trying with all of their hearts to avoid. Great one moment, and monstrous the next. Wonderful until you have a veil to hide behind, to stab from inside the darkeness.
The sad truth is that my words will mean nothing to you, you are the troll, the lowest form of bully. Every five days a child under the age of 13 take their own lives because of younger versions of people just like you. 160,000 kids stay home from school every day, because of bullies.
But worse than that, most of you are grown, adults. And YOU are the reason, that so many struggles to lift themselves up.
The really sad thing, here, and this is what I am getting to, this is the part that matters most, that I hope you DO NOT ignore. Is that I love you too. You see part of practicing radical honesty, part of thriving IN honesty. Is that I have to face the truth, and that truth is, you are not an evil person. You lack empathy, you lack the ability to love, and you more than likely have never been loved the way you should have, and because of that. You DO and SAY horrible things, that hurt others.
You, You are so hurt inside, just like the other bullies, the young ones that are tormenting kids to take their own lives, just like them. You are so hurt inside, that you only know how to hurt others.
It is easier to imagine them hurting just as much as you are. It is easier to cause someone else to hurt, like you hurt, rather than face your own hurt, to stop being a coward about all the pain that is inside of you and just fucking let it out, cry it out.
Holding in these feelings, it is not the way, you could say, it is the path to the dark side.
Do something better with your time, stop sending asshole messages to men and women that already feel badly enough about themselves, because of the pressures of society, their lives, their own situations.
Get some counseling, use a fake name, pretend you’re going to go and tell the therapist off. GO AND TELL THE THERAPIST OFF
Find a way to love yourself.
Find a way to feel, loved.
So that you have the opportunity to know what it IS to show love.
Because until you do, you are missing one of the greatest reasons to be alive.