Take the risk in love anime

I guess, I read this post and was left with not despondency, but instead, hope, and a thoughtfulness that we COULD all be like that if we chose to. If we could stand up above our pain, and our jaded past. If we could leave that behind us and walk into romance, open hands, and willing to accept the risk and possibly reap the reward.

post-wedding shot... really romantic. it's the kind of picture you look at 10 years down the road when you're having a tough day and you immediately remember why you got married and how much you love the other person.

I​t’s 3am and you are on my mind again. I went to an open mic poetry event tonight, everyone bared witness to the aftermath as recorded in my dialog. The […]

At the hospital 

I ​wish I could count on you. Fuck I miss that. But ironically, one call, and I would be wherever you are at a moment’s notice. No matter the distance […]

Fuck Yes or No

Just incase you were unaware. I was always FUCK YES, about you. And you always seemed FUCK YES about me. Until you were no.. and now I am no.. and […]