How to remove Donald Trump from your Facebook Feed

Today, my best friend, sent me a message asking me what was up with all my depressing posts.
(long story short)
I was like, dude, life is overwhelming, everything is super negative, our world is getting further out of control. It’s affecting me, its breaking me.
And she was like (long story short) It’s (my negativity) affecting me (her).

At that moment, I realized that too much, too much pain is flowing into my life, and now it is jetting out like lasers.. I need to block it, but I do not want to leave Facebook, I have tried that before, I always end up feeling alone, unsupported and as a result, I go back. And then I remembered during the campaign, there was a chrome plugin to change Donald Trump’s name to drump.. and I was like “Huh, I wonder If I can just remove posts about him..

Screen shot of a google chrome addon that removes Donald Trump from your facebook feedTA DA! Yes folks that’s correct. You CAN indeed remove Donald Trump from your facebook feed. If you use a computer and google Chrome to browse with there, is hope.
I present to you, a plugin that does in fact (I even tried it) remove the majority of posts from your feed about Donald Trump..
Right, Left, it does not matter, I am sick of seeing all of it, and this does a 95{da5aaabf2bb0fc2353ecff85cfe5e71c4308690bbd53573202b235b15426609e} effective job of doing it.

So Click here, install this bad boy.. and go on with your life, a little bit more peaceful, we shall return to pictures of kittens, children and great places we want to travel to.

It looks like you can get even more in depth at this website. which claims to erase him from all web traffic on your computer.
Please I highly recommend EVERYONE go to every public library everywhere and install this please.

There are also solutions for Iphone   Here is a direct link to Trump Trump

Sadly for us Android users, I do not see an app yet, but gods know, I will keep an eye out.

Keep it peaceful people.


Just what can we change?

Another interchange with someone i respect on facebook


To my pro gun and anti gun friends.

Anti gun friends. If you want to ban all guns you are taking yourself out of the argument, your position only stops any chance of a discussion. Also if we are going to ask that guns be regulated, and or banned, then that opens up the discussion of violence in media and video games. Gun control will not solve this. It is however an important piece.
Gun rights friends. If your stance is no regulation of guns you are taking yourself out of the argument. Something has to be done. If for nothing else than to change the culture of guns that seems to be a culture of boys with toys. They are weapons, and there is no legitimate reason to have semiautomatic weapons or clips that hold more than ten rounds. Matt Dylan had 6. You are not going to defend your house or town for Russians, or North Koreans or the US government. The people at Ruby ridge were paranoid and crazy, they had lots of guns, and it did not protect them when the government came after them. We need regulation, hunters and sportsman should step up to lead this debate.
To everyone, mental health is a big part of this, so support for Obama Care, with adequate mental health coverage, seems logical to me.


Speaking from the Pro-Gun front.. There is no reason for anyone in the first world to have a xbox other then entertainment.. For most gun owners semi-automatic weapons are a entertainment gun.. However the Semi Automatic weapon does not come in ONLY human killing versions, it also comes in hunting versions. That being said.. The .223 caliber round projectile is almost physically the same size as .22 caliber projectile, this size bullet is physically the smallest bullet on the market. The .223 round does have more powder behind it then even the .22LR.. The 22 LR and .223 can be effective hunting rounds. 
The .22 Caliber round is responsible for MOST accidental firearms related deaths in this country. 
I think taking away everyones guns is simply unrealistic, there are 250+ million firearms in this country, this country was born of the gun. It is part of american culture as much as pie. And I do believe that the more eccentric parts of the gun culture would react very violently to the “taking” of their guns, our country is split enough already, it is the type of move that could push us into a civil war. If you question what I am saying, save your self and do a google search. People are just about as passionately split on this matter as they are about religion.

What I DO advocate for in regard to gun control is:
1. Mandatory Background Checks for all persons living in the home of the firearm. This means if you have a domestic violence offender in your home NO, if you have a history of mental illness requiring medication or mental health care, NO, If your children have the same.. then i would also say NO.. Drug abuse, NO. And this background check as I have already said should extend to all members of your household, related or not.. 
2. Mandatory Firearms Safety Training: Not the weak little class we have now, but a comprehensive class that must be passed in order to be allowed to purchase a firearm. This class should cover both how to store and how to use your weapon safely. 
3. Mandatory Gun Safes & Trigger Locks
4. If you are going to conceal carry, YOU MUST have mandatory training for the following areas, Avoidance Techniques, Situational Awareness, Hand to hand self defense, Use of a firearm in a home defense situation and in a public situation, Legal repercussions for use of deadly force both civil and criminal.
And if you pass all those criteria then you may carry a concealed weapon. 
(a little backstory – I carry my firearm every day, I follow and understand all local and federal laws related to firearms, I train regularly in both Tactical and Situational scenarios, I stay current with case law related to self defense with and without use of deadly force. I was blessed when I first started working with firearms to get professional level training it is my training that allows me to know that I can get out of ALMOST any combative situation WITHOUT using deadly force. I pray every day that I will never encounter a situation that requires deadly force. And I train so that if that ever happens, I am ready for it, both emotionally and physically. )
I think our country has a LOT of thinking to do on these events past, but we also need to keep in mind that this type of violence does NOT require a gun.. If you do a little searching you will see that this type of horrible violence happens all over the world both using guns, and knives.. and even bombs.. Our world is a violent place.. I pray for us all..

P’s Reply::

Anteros, this is exactly what I think we need from the gun lobby. There are reasonable steps that can be taken that preserve gun ownership. I think that with each step in lethality, From pellet guns up hunting rifles, to handguns, to large clips to carry conceal and on up there should be a should be a progressively more stringent requirements. I also think that there should be behaviors and actions that can result in am individual losing their right to bear arms. Restraining orders, alcohol and gun use, threatening offensively, etc. it is complicated,the discussion should involve the gun lobby. Everyone who owns a gun needs to be serious about the responsibility.