Halloween 2010

Sept 19 2010

So I started with my lighting test for this year, its a new house and I need a new plan.. On top of that it seems that some of my favorite decorations got lifted in the burglary (a-holes) {Candelabra – Spiders – Skulls – a few lighting items} So this year I am going to try a new approach besides its a new house right, there are no drunks to scare of so no automated spider this year.. but we have a rocking porch, so I think thinking that I will do some spooky lighting, lots of spider webs.. and maybe a stuffed creepy guy  or something.. I wanted to do a Halloween party for Leilani and the kids this year but its just not in the budget nor is anything else.. so I’m going to use what I have.. Starting off with this lighting test tonight..

Front of the house..
Green and purple thing going on..
Looking north onto the porch
Looking South
Yes that is a open sign.. it is red and blue LED and the BLUE rotates.. giving this nice plasma effect..
More to come!