Maye a 1970 westy

Maye is our Current 1970 Westy

I painted Maye with chalkboard, freaking amazing Idea..
Chalkboard Maye

We bought Maye in May of 2010 her 40th Birthday !

So crazy bus story… Today we go to a indoor yard sale.. and we pull up to the front door and Mothra says hey there pointing at us from the window.. well i drive around the corner and park and this guy is walking up to me and says man I sold that bus two weeks ago.. and I said “To JC?” and he said yeah then we start talking about the bus well He sold it for $700.00 to JC and I bought it for $1800.. BUT JC makes his living reselling buses..

I still got a freaking great deal.. anyway so were talking about the bus and he throws out that its name is May, which is great because I did not know that he Chose May because it rolled of the assembly line in May of 1970.

I think I am going to change to Maye because I just have to be that way..

Anyway so he is the 3rd owner the first owners had the bus from the dealership (when I bought the bus it came with a fat folder filled with 33 years of service records the original manual and info packet) Anyway so he was telling me that he kept the maintenance up before he bought it it sat from 2002 to 2008 outside,

he rebuilt the carb. it was his daily driver for a year.. something else i learned is that it still has the original transmission WOW, from the records we know the engine was rebuilt in 1987 and in 1994 anyway so after running into this guy he gives me the missing luggage rack rails and it was just a really cool and unexpected event..

Love @ first sight..

The first images of Maye.. Rusted… a little sad.. but strong…

Next followed a few days with the grinder.. and some paint..

Getting Better!!!!