4-6-1998 5:42PM

Hey b hows it going

im okay

I could not stand all the things going thru my mind I had to at least get them out on paper but I had none so I thought I would type ou a letter.

I was so I guess blow away by you bringing up that subject yesterday

it brings me back to a dream a had a couple two weeks ago durring spring break it was about I guess us we were bikeing along the french rivara and it was a beutiful day it was soo cool I thouht to my self I looked up and we were rideing up to this beutiful victorian manson I could not beleave my eyes it was so huge…. The I guess I fuqred out that we were living together and I guess thats all I thought of it.. I just think its kinda insteresting in anyways.. but how verystrange.. yes I have thought of it before actually