5-22-1999 moments until the visit


“R,m.”: hello

“R,m.”: I thought I’d say hi before I leave.


“R,m.”: I’m going in like 15 minuts.

“ME”: awww cool


“R,m.”: Yep, in 20 minutes.



“R,m.”: YOu’re silly

“ME”: PUNK, ____, ______

“ME”: Silly How??

“R,m.”: I was just sitting outside looking out at the sky thinking of ya

“R,m.”: OLD PUNK, ________

“R,m.”: you just are

“ME”:  Treeeeeeeeee

“R,m.”: LOL

“R,m.”: You’re silly

“R,m.”: seeee, that’s how

“ME”: really i was listening to the crickets thinking of you 🙂

“R,m.”: You know what, before we know it, I’ll be flying in to see you

“R,m.”: It doesn’t seem like it’s coming fast enough

“R,m.”: of course you were.


“R,m.”: howz the lizards

“ME”: fast

“R,m.”: but it’s good to wait.

“R,m.”: it’s like X-Mas.  You know, you want it so bad and then it’s over.

“R,m.”: At least we get the feeling of the excitement for  a while

“ME”: yea

“R,m.”: so, how are you?

“R,m.”: how’s mom?

“ME”: you scared at all ??

“R,m.”: about what?

“R,m.”: flying out there?

“ME”: moms in bed but wont let me log off..

“R,m.”: I’m a little nervous to go so far alone.

“R,m.”: Oh, I see

“R,m.”: I’m just nervous of the flights.  I don’t relaly know why, because I’ll be with people I know all the time

“ME”: I would fly donw with you if i could

“R,m.”: it’s just that first week that will go by too slow

“R,m.”: Yeah, that would make a bunch of sense

“ME”: are you ready to come down and spend 10 nights under the stars

“R,m.”: You fly out and then we just fly back an hour later.

“R,m.”: Nice.

“R,m.”: Yep, more than ready

“R,m.”: everyone is jealous pof me

“ME”: 😉 meee to

“R,m.”: so it’s cool

“ME”: LOL i bet

“ME”: well you took the initave

“R,m.”: SMILE

“R,m.”: I know, and I made it happen, so screw everyone else.

“R,m.”: For heavens sakes.


“ME”: (big chezzy grin)

“ME”: hey you know what

“R,m.”: I keep saying that and it’s bugging me and my parents.

“R,m.”: uhhhhhhh, no, what?


“R,m.”: you quit smoking yet?

“R,m.”: Okay, I”ll do that

“R,m.”: you too

“R,m.”: 🙂

“R,m.”: what time is it there?  One?

“ME”: yes two weeks now

“R,m.”: for heavens sakes, go to sleep.

“ME”: 1:04


“R,m.”: oh, my

“ME”: NO

“R,m.”: for heavens sakes!!!!!!!

“R,m.”: LOL

“R,m.”: 🙂

“R,m.”: My dog is pooped

“ME”: Ohhh I Love taco

“R,m.”: he won’t even go to pee cus he’s so pooped

“R,m.”: I know you do, and it’s K not C

“R,m.”: nerd

“R,m.”: for heavens sakes.

“R,m.”: LOL

“ME”: Ohh Jezzzzzzzzzz

“ME”:  Make up your mind


“ME”: Tring to blame it on you)


“ME”: 🙂

“R,m.”: There’s a song on now called thinking of you

“R,m.”: Hmmmm, who is “R,m.” thinking of

“R,m.”: ????

“ME”: LOL ‘

“R,m.”: Uhhhhh, I don’t know, you got a clue?

“ME”: I think of you so much now its allmost SICK

“R,m.”: I know, it’s pathetic, but we’ve always been like htat, you kow

“R,m.”: Hey, did you read my email yet?

“ME”: i know

“ME”: yes 🙂

“R,m.”: Yeah, I put yours in my favorites.

“ME”: 🙂

“R,m.”: I konw, for heavens sakes.

“R,m.”: see, it’s horrible, it’s so bad

“R,m.”: I say it like 24-7

“R,m.”: Yeeeeeeks

“ME”: this whole thing is so strange “R,m.”

“R,m.”: what?

“ME”: i feal like i did last summer

“R,m.”: you being so far away

“ME”: Just happy

“ME”: happy were friends

“R,m.”: Ohhhhhhhh, that’s wonderful!!!!!!!

“R,m.”: me too

“ME”: happy were close

“ME”: happy

“R,m.”: It’s strange we talk more now than we have all year, for heaven’s sake.s

“R,m.”: Oh, I gotta go now.  Kelse is here.

“ME”: its strange i could be sad we dident become like this elerlyer but i chose to be positive in sted

“R,m.”: We’ll talk tomorrow.

“ME”: Okay have fin

“ME”: be careful

“ME”: I love you

“R,m.”: At least for 2 weeks you’re phone bill and mine will be a lot less

“R,m.”: 🙂

“ME”: 🙂

“ME”: wait until your in college

“R,m.”: okya, love you too.  Later babe.

“ME”: Later

“R,m.”: I know, for heavens’ sakes.  It’s going to be bad.

“R,m.”: Okay, good night

“ME”: Ill work to talk

“ME”: L(

“R,m.”: Think of me.

“ME”: :L)

“ME”: I allways do hun

“ME”: I love you

“ME”: goodnight

“R,m.”: I know, mee too

“R,m.”: LOve you

“R,m.”: bye