5-8-1999 "R,m." Dates to Come Visit FL CONVO

“R,m.”: hello?

ME:: Hey!!!!!!

“R,m.”: Hi.  How are you?

ME:: Good How are you ??

“R,m.”: My parents are bugging me.

ME:: ohh really

“R,m.”: They are driving me up the wall over graduation things

“R,m.”: But it’s a good thing

“R,m.”: Where are you?

ME:: well to quote you mam, tell them to “bite me”

ME:: In florida

“R,m.”: Do you have a house

“R,m.”: duh, goob, where?

“R,m.”: LIke, hotel, can I call you?

ME:: we should have the house tomorro, ohhh my gosh beck its so beutiful

“R,m.”: I bet.

“R,m.”: Listen, I need to know something

ME:: Whats up ?

“R,m.”: Can I come and visit you in June?  LIke June 24 through July 5

“R,m.”: Because it would be cheaper to fly from New York to Florida rather than you know, Or to Florida.

ME:: yea, of course… things still might be tight around here and i wont have a car yet but i would love it 🙂

“R,m.”: I need to know because I’m booking my flights here in the next two days.

“R,m.”: So, If I book my flight, what airport do I fly into?

“R,m.”: Orlando?

“R,m.”: I’d be flying from Newark New Jersey

ME:: Orlando International its right down the road

“R,m.”: Cool, then I’m planning on that unless it’s way too expensive.

“R,m.”: Tomorrow, I’ll call and check prices.

ME:: do you know how to check the rates >>

ME:: or you can call 🙂

ME:: Hey guess what

“R,m.”: In fact, I think I’m going to call my cousin tonight and ask her to get me prices


“R,m.”: what?

“R,m.”: I miss you too.

ME:: I said I Misss you

“R,m.”: I talk to you every night and I really want to come and see you

“R,m.”: Maybe i’ll even come back later in the summer.

ME:: no beck i think all the time you haft to come down here and see these lightning storms

“R,m.”: I’d stay for longer but I have the Montana thing to do

ME:: i know there are times when all i can do is lookup and talk

ME:: you mean college

“R,m.”: I can’t wait.  YOu realize that it would be in like five or six weeks?

“R,m.”: Yeah, my orientation

ME:: LOL thats a little more then a thing

“R,m.”: I’d be there for the fourth.

ME:: I know


“R,m.”: I know.

“R,m.”: Whoo hoo.

ME:: thats worth it to me

“R,m.”: I hope I can afford it though

ME:: ill at least have my license by then

“R,m.”: Yeah, that’s cool

ME:: how come you havent written back to my letters ?

“R,m.”: so, have you met anyone yet?

ME:: no not really

“R,m.”: I haven’t been on line for like four or five days.

“R,m.”: are you lonely?

ME:: havent had time ive been babysitting the kids

ME:: Yes like you could not beleave

“R,m.”: Do you have a phone I can reach you at, or an address?

ME:: im gettign a nice tan tho

“R,m.”: I want to write you and send you stuff.

“R,m.”: Yeah, bite it.

ME:: and i allready have a membershio at a club in town

ME:: p

“R,m.”: I went shopping today and I was at Juxtapose and I was with Anterosin and I thought of you

“R,m.”: That’s what we used to do, and I missed you

“R,m.”: I mean, it’s like everything reminds me of you

“R,m.”: But, it’s all part of life and letting go.

“R,m.”: I smiled when I thought of you

ME:: i was hanging around boders today and i was looking at a book called soul mates and thought of you

“R,m.”: LOL

“R,m.”: Big Smile.

ME:: that and the awsom lightining tonight

ME:: its so beutiful

ME:: you and i are goign to haft to spend a night on the beach is sooooo beutiful

ME:: this sky is so clear

“R,m.”: Sometimes I get this pit in my stomach when I think of you being way over there/  I mean, nobody is there to take care of you, or understand you the way I do.

“R,m.”: Definitely.

ME:: so many starts bec and its a diffrent sky

ME:: its like being in a whole nother world

“R,m.”: But the same stars, right?

ME:: that and the humidity

ME:: no totalky diffrent constlaitations

“R,m.”: no, Anteros, we have to be under the same sky adn moon, that gives me so much comfort.

ME:: but hey no matter waht i can lok at the moon

ME:: Ummmmm 🙂 (grin)

“R,m.”: I know.

“R,m.”: mee too.

“R,m.”: I was just thinking that.

“R,m.”: LOL

ME:: I miss you you cant understand how much

ME::  everything has gone wrong and right at the same time

“R,m.”: Oh, I do, don’t you worry

ME:: its so crazy

“R,m.”: I understand

“R,m.”: I know.

“R,m.”: How’s your mom and the kids?

ME:: well were borrowing a total of 4000 bucks from rich to get started

“R,m.”: Is she happier?  Have you met up with Richard?

ME:: so things are goign to be tight untill mid augest

ME:: yea

“R,m.”: Yeah, I can imagine.

ME:: im not shure when i get to start working

“R,m.”: Hows the job thing working out for you both?

“R,m.”: oh

“R,m.”: bummer

ME:: things have been streful for richard

“R,m.”: How about school?  You gonna start next year?

“R,m.”: I can imagine.

“R,m.”: You heard from your father?

“R,m.”: I havent

ME:: this is a whole new thing to thim and he has never lent money to a total stranger

ME:: no, no loss either

“R,m.”: Yeah, I think he’s an angel for helping you out like he has.

ME:: school,


ME:: UCF is soooooo coool

“R,m.”: YES???????

“R,m.”: really have you been there?

“R,m.”: did you talk to the profs?

ME:: ohhhh my gosh beck i want to jump right into the university

ME:: no i8 havent yet

“R,m.”: LOL

“R,m.”: good.

ME:: no time to do anything yet

“R,m.”: I’m excited fo ryou

ME:: i havent even made it to coca beach yeat

“R,m.”: I’ve been taking lots of pictures to send to you

ME::  yet

ME:: 🙂

ME:: weve got some

ME:: ohh

ME:: \and you can never drive down here


“R,m.”: so, what’s the animals like over there?  Seen any lizards?

ME:: Lizards, Snakes, Cockroache, Allagaitors,,

“R,m.”: I used to see em all the time.

ME:: OHHH and

“R,m.”: No kidding.

“R,m.”: My dad was in Colorado

“R,m.”: He said it was beautiful

“R,m.”: what?

ME:: Dolphins and manatiees, i havent seen either yet but we are goign to go swim with the Dolphins

“R,m.”: Me and You?

“R,m.”: God, I’d love it.

ME:: Hell yea

“R,m.”: That would be so tight.

ME:: did you read the email i sent you

“R,m.”: Yes.  That’s one dream I’ve always had

ME:: ?

“R,m.”: How far from West Keys are you?

“R,m.”: I don’t have it.

“R,m.”: I only have one from my friend Jenn.

ME:: i sent you one other thing i REALLY want to do is go to the Midevel feast

ME:: i think it looks so cool

ME:: hold on ill e-mail the stuff to you

“R,m.”: Oh, yeah, you mean the LONNNNNG list of things to do?


ME:: that

ME:: when you get time

“R,m.”: I got those.  they looked great.  I’m just down there with you.  You pick the activities. okay.

ME:: click on the midevil feast thingie it might say somehting about castle

ME:: right on

ME:: the pool at the house is so nice

“R,m.”: okay.

ME::  its bigger than the pool we had at the appartment

“R,m.”: Nice.  Where are you moving to?


“R,m.”: Oh, my pappa misses you too.

“R,m.”: NICE

“R,m.”: I”m happy that you’re adjusting well.

As well as can be anyhow.

“R,m.”: So, tell me. How are the babes down there?

ME:: I miss him tooo… and your mom and bro

“R,m.”: 🙂

“R,m.”: I’ll tell them.

“R,m.”: Look can I call you?

ME:: Ohh ya know i feal like i cant get a look

“R,m.”: My mom needs the phone Iguess.

ME:: well i can call you collect if you want that might be easyer since mom is waiting for you know who

“R,m.”: Well, stop, right now.  You’re sexy and adorable and amazing and you know it.

ME:: but thats up to your pappa

“R,m.”: Okay, that’s cool.

“R,m.”: Look, call me right away so we can talk because she’s going to be on the phone for an hour making appointments for something.

“R,m.”: Is that cool?

“R,m.”: I need to hear your voice.



ME:: ask your pappa 1088 collect or 1800callatt

“R,m.”: Okay, let me log off and then call.  If there’s a prob for some reason, I’ll get on when she’s off okay, and write you.

“R,m.”: Oh, just call me collect and don’t worry about it.

“R,m.”: Okay?

ME:: okay \

“R,m.”: ??????????

“R,m.”: okay, bye.

ME:: 🙂

ME:: yeas log of now im runnign down stairs