Her Eyes… 4-7-2003

Her Eyes are deep emotional turn tables, Full in thought, her eyes are a puzzle that I desire to place together in our conversations driven by eye contact.

Her eyes are for me a bridge between two worlds, her world and mine and between those is a cataclysm of energy and emotion, at times you can smell the excitement at others simply know its there.

To bridge these two worlds is my goal to see into her eyes and know how the soul feels to know how to excite the soul, through her eyes to bring her warmth and comfort, feeling and emotion, fire and ecstasy. And in her eyes I wish to see the moonlight silver rays of emotion and spirit,

And in her eyes I wish to see fireworks, the passion of the sun the stars and the world about. In our eyes I see…

-Anteros Oberon 2003

I suppose you have inspired me J