Hot Tub Party 2-4-2003

Wow If I only knew what was going on..


Your invited ! Anteros and “J,s.” are having a Hot tub party and Barbeque. This Sunday (tomorrow) Since this is my home show I live here and my apartment complex has a huge hot tub. We also have a great grill and bar area so we have decided to have a little party. So here’s the deal were going to have food if you want to bring drinks or a dish or something to cook your welcome to. It would be helpful but we should be okay with out it so if you are unable to don’t worry about it.. Bring your swimsuits. The hot tub is hot and the pool is cool so be prepared to relax.

We do not live too horribly far from site… In fact if you leave site from the back entrance when you come out onto Hillsborogo take a right (east) up to Powerline and go right (south) on Powerline rd and just keep going to Atlantic Blvd  once you get there hang another right. (west) keep going on Atlantic BLVD to just before Lyons RD. You will go over two hills. At the bottom of the second hill at the stoplight take a right into Banyan Bay Apartments as you come though the gate go straight around the curve to the left and make the first left turn you come to. Park anywhere there.. Our Apartment number is 1016 and we are in building 10. 3rd floor.

If you need a ride please let us know. We will all be leaving around 7 – 7:30 pm from the rear entrance of the site. If you get lost, (not really possible to a troop of traveling people) please call us… My Cell is 954-263-2032… Our front room and couch will be open to anyone who wants to stay safely though the night. If that’s the case please being something to sleep in (blankets bags) because I only have 3 extra available.

Well I think that’s about it… See ya there…

Anteros and “J,s.”.