Arise Chicken, Arise

Recorded on 1-1-2006

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Good evening Welcome home, I see you brought no I know

Where I go with out you in my home is no news

With nothing to loose…  I ask you take off your shoes

Arise Chicken Arise . . . . .

.. Sit down its dinner time I  know where I might find (——=H)  Some pintos and beans Can you give me rice please ..

Arise Chicken Arise

This evening now without, the lights, Ill show you where I know where I would find some nice white thighs

Arise Chicken Arise…

Rise Chicken Arise…

Show me dirty dirty thighs.

aaaaaArise Chicken..  Arise

Turn off lights look at my bed there’s a place with you in my head

Arise Chicken Arise.. and show me those thys
I need you in my life Chicken Arise

Show me those dirty dirty thighs oh yes Chicken Arise

Baby show me thys Rise Chicken Arise
Don’t know know what id do without you here too.

I know what I know now Arise Chicken Arise

Arise Chicken

Arise Arise

Now its late and time Ill show you a show I know here’s a chicken show me those thighs

Arise Chicken Arise

I hope like it Arise Chicken Arise oh my

Oh my god what now, you’ve got the chicken somehow

Oh yeah okay Arise Chicken Arise
oh my god oh chicken

Arise Chicken Arise

Show me Dirty Thighs

Rise Chicken Arise