4-10-1999 A webpage about me..

Hello, This is Anteros, And this is a Page for all my friends and everyone else that wants to know anything about me.

I have Lived in Oregon all my life, I must Say I love this state, I guess the way I here it is that there is a time in everyone’s life when all there friends move away, You see we all have a opportunity to start our own lives in places other then the familiar

and Well I have recently been given this opportunity, To move 3091 Miles From The Portland Area here in Oregon to Orlando area in Florida, It’s a REALLY BIG move, But It Makes sense to take advantage of it. i love it here but in this whether you just cant have a active lifestyle and Really I want to travel and There are a lot of opetunits for me somewhere else i know just about everything i can about my life here.. and on top of that all my friends are moving as well, My Bro, I have known for almost 7 Years is Joining the Navy, and all props too him, Along with him Armando Wilson another friend is Joining as well, Beck Meyers, The Closest friend I have ever had is moving as well, Off to collage, I’m o proud of her, she has come so far from where we met, and so have I, James and Efrem as Far as i know you guys are staying here, Well you guys will still make it in life im sure of that, Tyrell your moving Just across the Colombia but I know you have your best interests in mind as well, Hope you and Mandi Stay as well as you have been, And you better invite me to the wedding you prick, As for me… I’m Planning on collage, a High Paying Job, and The Nice car nice house situation, im working on physical fitness right now, Life is about Happiness, and when you have been thru what I have you know that you MUST find Happiness, and After Knowing pople Like Beck and the dally inspiration, you know you WILL find happiness, Now i know life is not a peach, life is not all fun, games. surf, sun But you really need to realize that LIFE THe one you have here. Is anything you want it to be and the only thing that stand in your way of what you want is time. if your patient enought to work thru the time then you will Succeed….

Other then that, There are sevrel things im going to offer on this page, one is a Speech im working on directed at teens from 15-17 years old, Its regarding school and dropping out and what life is really like after that second year, it talks and relates to Drugs, Peer pressure and how it really affects you, the social environment of high school and quite a few other topics, im still in the Primary stages of it and not close to done, But you can check it out and are more then welcome to sendme your comments and suggestions,

Next after that is The Usual Personal area, Photos and so on Please take the time to check it out,