Day in the life – my moms schedule 3-29-1999


MARCH 29, 1999

6:00 am                   Get Everyone UP!!!

Go put mail in box

7:00am                    Anteros and Mom leave for Clackamas

8:00 am                   Anteros in class at( Streeter with Doug Cross  RM 142)

8:00 am                   Danna Check Back to Withdraw Money  (do money orders later)

9:00 am                   Danna in class at Neuberger 11 basement  (Anteros in Streeter 142)… give letter

(Roman History)                                                   (Web Class)

PICK UP parking permit!!

Puts in CHANGE of STATUS get signature from department

Get books before leaving!!!

Call about money if not there

10:00am                  Danna in class Lincoln Hall 339    (Anteros Barlow Hall 113)… give letter

WMN/Mental Illness                          Basic Speech

11:00am                  (Anteros Lunch /study Break)


1) Take funding letter to cashiers

`                               2) find out about class that starts at 1:00 study class

3) Work on computers at lab

11:30am                  Danna in Cramer Hall 171  .. give letter

Women in Politics

12:00pm                  (Anteros in Barlow Hall 239)


12:30 PM                                last Class Out for Danna

Danna get books PSU bookstore

1:00pm                    Bank OC if not already gotten funds

Do Money Orders later

2:00pm                    Get Anteros at CCC pick up in front of

In Oregon City,

Send in Visa payment Anteros’s

And one with $29

Pay phone bill at pay station

Pay PGE  decide

Birth Certificate

FIX parking ticket and Pay ticket Oregon City


DMV Fix drivers licenses!!! Get suspension off !

3:00pm                    Sunnyside

Attorney office see Brian New child support order $300 bucks and the purple folder

to the office .

5:30pm                    West Linn

Home to make calls:

1) Houses in Florida from list.. Calls leave messages

2) Selective Services about error in numbers

3) Jer-Ber 659- to change bed before leaving

4)       ass doctor for letter for college  Barbara beck  655-

5)       Order Birth certificates  Danna  731-

6)       Rex Putnam High School   transcripts  653-  653-

4950 SE Roethe RD

Milwaukie, Or

7)       Suits to the Tailor to be hemmed before Florida do TODAY!!

8)       Call Doctor to get pain to stop  418-

Change these stupid pills  “ortho-cyclen 28 “ to something else

Send to Fred Meyer Pharmacy 656-

9)       Dr. Cook  for Anteros  636-

10)    Get Address Corporate office Round Table  or Farwest Inc.



Gwen massages

6:30pm                    Chiropractor- fixes back

7:00pm                    Grocery shopping  (get Sara keys for house)

get money orders

Shopping list

Fred Meyer

New phone with ringer

Lip liner


Makeup foundation