Is this what derailed my life? 11-13-2002

Man I remember this I lost SOOOO much…




On 11/11/2002 During the night a Black CD case with a mesh pocket and a HP Photosmart Digital Camera and case were stolen out of my car in front of building 10

Among the most important of the items in this case was a electronic (CD) portfolio of my life’s work, this is a irreplaceable item that is my whole career and life ahead of me. Also on the CD’s were pictures of friends and relatives, Poetry, Written documents, instillation Disks and files for my computer, many more Computer CD’s with music and other random files. And a few DVD’s including Starwars Episode 1, The patriot, Starship Troopers, Shrek, Army of Darkness, Moulin Rouge and a few more.

But mostly the computer CDs are all things that are of little vale to anyone but me.

For the return of the CD case complete with contents I am willing to pay $200.00 more if I had it, to get my future back. I do still believe it is somewhere in this apartment complex due to some items from the camera case I found in a hallway of one of the buildings.

If you have any information at all please contact me

Anteros Oberon

@ 954-461- 7429 or @ Apartment 12300

Building 10 in Sable Pointe Apartments

Please help me get my future back, think if it was your situation, your life’s work, and your future.