Another Personal Add..

This was after J,s. and I broke up..


Well I guess it has come to this.. I am so sick of looking for true love and getting bitten.. I am a 23 year old man who is moving up to Orlando to go back to school. I’m really looking for that someone.. I’m not really looking for a normal girl though I am a stoner and a music lover, a poet, a pagan and a intellect.. I love to travel.. I am currently a partner in the development of a very successful business. I am okay with kids for the most part.. I really want to have kids… to me that is something that is very important to me..  there are a few physicality’s  that are important to me… I would love to hear from a woman who is a intelligent yet fun person.. I have a history of being the helper and am always trying to make the situation better… It’s a strange thing about me.. I have a lot of funny and interesting beliefs and ideas (nothing strange) , im a thinker. And a lover. But I only really want one person to be happy with… hard to explain I guess I seems that the person I am looking for is rare indeed. But I thought it worth posting this message.. My pictures and some stuff about me is at my website at http://www. And my e-mail address is jpatterson@

Hope to hear from you soon..