Get to know me… 10-4-2003

Q: Favorite on-screen sex scene: The scenes that stick out in my mind would haft to be: Shakespeare and The Lady Violet in “Shakespeare in Love” And as far as just Hot Eroticism it has always been Dade’s Dream in Hackers (1994) When Burn (Angelina Jolie) comes bursting into Dades room rips down her Slick Biker Jacket and Throws him on the bed! That’s a classic One for me.

Q: If I could be anywhere at the moment:

A:  Actually if I could be anywhere I would probably be Traveling Europe to check that out. But Second to that would be partying in Australia or New Zealand and Lastly would be up on the mountain cutting into some snow.

Q: Song or album that puts me in the mood:

A: Strange question because I think music that excites sexual energy depends on the person your are with. I would think that getting down to some Tool or Sevendust would be just as exciting as to do the same with some Rave Electronica however I would be just as happy to be in the quiet or with some classical or new age music to candlelight and a soft breeze over the ocean.

Q: The six items I can’t live without:

A: Music!


A Fan To Sleep Next to (g)

The Forrest!

The Ocean!

My Friends

Q: In my bedroom, you’ll find:

A: Books, The Computer, Bed, Radio, Soft Sheets, candles, Medieval Weaponry, Crystals, Pillows – Lots of them, Mabye a cat and of course Me!

Q: Why you should get to know me:

A: Who Knows, I know that Everyone I know, who knows me, enjoys my company, I am faithful as a friend, as a lover and as a partner. I am a very social and intellectual person who is great for conversation and for counseling. I’m outgoing and when I have the time to spend I spend it with my friends. That’s kind of what has been nice about being single for a wile is more time for friends but now that I have moved I have realized some things about my past friends and am reminded that friends come and go the best you can do is to give them something wonderful to remember you by. Overall I think im just a good person to know. Words and phrases that have been used to describe me would be: Outgoing, funny, protective but not obsessive, wise, courteous, caring, a shoulder to lean on, “the guy with the big first aid kit who fixed me” over analytical, sometimes critical but rarely hurtful. But hey I’m a little biased.

Q: More about who I’m looking for:

A: Well that’s depending on what I am looking for as far as a relationship goes. I want someone who is a intellectual wants to have conversation and can start one as easily as entering into one.  Someone who I am attracted to mentally and physically because I want someone who is honest with me and someone who is trustworthy. As loyal as I am, and someone who loves to try new things; go out and have a good time (with some class) as much as someone who wants to stay at home and make love, watch a movie, read to each other. Play and have a great time. I don’t know; I am looking for someone who is compatible with me and I guess I am kind of picky about it.  I hope I find the person who matched my “renaissance kind of hippie but grunge almost to Goth to be a pagan but really just a free soul personality ” I think one of the best modern reborn terms for the woman I am looking for is a Bohemian woman. Some one with class and charisma and actress but a artisan a lover but a constant chase. Eh I guess it’s the Sagittarius in me. Still wondering if I’m looking for ever.. Hey are you any good at cryptography ? How about puzzles.