Something about me..

Thinking Man

Man where to start.. I guess we should start with why this blog.. What is it about..

I am the only Guy I know that will admit  that I love the sound of my own voice.. By the way its taken years to admit that.. Out loud but I have always known it in my head.

What better way to enjoy my own voice then to make a blog that centers around my life. My past, my present my future what I like, what I create what I enjoy.. All of it..

I have had other blogs in the past but being a cyber genius I have backed them all up onto this blog.. You cant see most of it (remember I like my own voice)

What will you find here… lots of swearing, big ideas, small ideas, passions written down and rendered in artistic form, hacking (the creating type) geek-ness.

What you WILL NOT find here is>>

Good spelling : I never mastered spelling, it just never happened, I work on it now and then but I may never master it, i’m okay with that.. I am arrogant about my IQ and that makes up for it in my opinion.  You can spell however you want but if you cant grasp logic I probably don’t really want to talk to you..

Proper Grammar : Fuck that shit..

Complete thoughts..  :: remember I like to hear my own thoughts.. I don’t know why you are here at my blog.. but I know why I am here.. to write down ideas, to prep for bigger ideas.. that means you will probably not see many complete new ideas. Hell some things are hidden because I have not trademarked them.

I as I am just working out the kinks in this new layout I will keep updating this page..